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Municipal Leadership Is Essential: Quality Afterschool Opportunities Strengthen Cities and Our Youth
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"Times have changed. In order for the United States and our cities to remain the beacons of hope they have been for the world, it is our responsibility to help our young people develop the skills and talents to find gainful employment and to attract businesses to our cities." Read about how to rally for the support of municipal leaders and how it will impact youth and communities. Download the article and talking guide below and start the discussion!

The Potential of Career and College Readiness and Exploration in Afterschool Programs
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"A high school diploma used to be enough to get by in the job market, but this is no longer the case. A Georgetown University study found that the percentage of jobs in the United States that require some form of postsecondary education will reach a projected 63% by 2018, up from 28% in the early 1970s (Carnevale, Smith & Strohl) This trend is being driven by the increasingly complex global labor market that requires more advanced levels of math, science, and language arts proficiency." Download the articles and talking guide below and start the discussion!

Connecting Older Youth to Success Through Afterschool
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"Many people assume that since high school youth have outgrown daycare and have ready access to academic programs and extracurricular activities provided by the typical comprehensive high school, they have everything they need to succeed. One only has to look, however, at the high numbers of disconnected youth, as well as the high number of dropouts and the expressed concerns of the business community, to accept that many young people are not prepared to enter the workforce and join in as full participants in our nation's democracy."

Achieving, Connecting, Thriving: Afterschool and Summer Learning in Collaboration With Schools
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Too many young people struggle in school and need more targeted and engaging learning opportunities to succeed. Afterschool and summer programs provide such opportunities to learn and grow, both in a formal school setting and in the community beyond the school walls.