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STEM Facilitation Micro-Credentials

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Ready to be recognized for your STEM facilitation skills or to encourage your staff to develop and share their skills? Then you are ready for NAA’s STEM Facilitation micro-credentials! These micro-credentials, aligned to NAA’s Core Knowledge and Competencies and the PEAR Institutes Dimensions of Success (DoS) Framework, recognize facilitators who use practices that result in the high-quality STEM programs that produce positive youth outcomes.

What STEM Facilitation Micro-Credentials are Available?

NAA's STEM Facilitation micro-credential stack includes 10 micro-credential badges. A facilitator earning all 10 micro-credentials will be eligible for a Comprehensive STEM Facilitation Digital Credential.

Get Started

Register online at the Digital Promise Micro-Credential Marketplace. Review elements of each micro-credential - Overview, Details, Research & Resources, and the Submission & Evaluation Process. Decide which one(s) you are interested in pursuing. If you determine professional development is necessary to build your skills then participate in PD from the provider of your choice (note: Many NAA Affiliates provide PD that builds skills and prepares individuals for micro-credential applications. Some PD providers are also listed within the system in the resource section of the micro-credential). Once skills are developed, apply and submit evidence through the NAAPCS.

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