Based on participant feedback, we are emphasizing the importance of hands-on tools, practical trainings, and professional development in breakout sessions. We also hear the call for more of a focus on the Common Core, grant writing, management skills, social-emotional learning.

There are three different session formats for your presentation; it's up to you to pick what will work best for your content and presentation style:

  1. Workshop. These 75 ­minute sessions are the heart of the conference, and the bulk of learning opportunities. Please include at least 15-minutes of audience Q&A. These sessions can be hands-on trainings that need tables, lectures, discussions, or panels with up to three panelists and a moderator.
  2. Innovation Station Poster Presentation. Are you more a visual person? You may want to create a poster display of your project, program, or best practice. Posters are on display in the Exhibit Hall throughout the convention, with a required one-hour presentation on Tuesday, March 10 during the lunch break.
  3. Learning Express Presentation. These quick takeaway sessions last only 30-mintes and give participants something they can use right away in their program. It could be a website, project, or special event you hosted.