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SEL to the Core: Building from Foundational Youth Development to Support Social and Emotional Learning

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NAA survey findings suggest that, while organizations and programs value SEL and many professionals implement SEL practice, many do not feel knowledgeable talking about SEL.

SELToTheCoreGraphicAs the afterschool field continues to emphasize the importance of social and emotional development, it is essential that leaders and staff have resources to help them understand (1) their own social and emotional competencies to inform their practice and (2) how to provide opportunities that promote social and emotional competence building.

Three clusters of competencies are emphasized in this guide:

The self:
Self-awareness and understanding one’s identity, self-management including emotion and behavior regulation, persistence, goal-setting, and academic perseverance and mindsets.

Relationships with others:
Recognizing emotions in others, empathy, perspective- taking, collaboration, communicating e ectively, active listening, exibility and adaptability.

Decision-making and leadership:
Understanding cause and effect, understanding one’s values, and making responsible decisions.