Sample Proclamation

Whereas the citizens of [INSERT STATE/CITY] firmly believe that afterschool professionals (those who work with children and youth in a wide variety of program settings to provide extended learning opportunities during out-of-school hours) have a positive effect on our children, families, community and businesses.

Whereas afterschool professionals are a decisive element in children’s’ access high-quality relationships and expanded opportunities beyond what they have access to at school and home, which they need to reach their full potential.

Whereas afterschool professionals deserve appreciation for all that they do to for children to enhance their education, promote physical and emotional health, provide a safe environment and expose them to new experiences.

Whereas [INSERT STATE/CITY] is committed to supporting the professionals who provide expanded learning opportunities that will help close the achievement gap and prepare young people to compete in the global economy.

Now, therefore, I [OFFICIAL’S NAME AND TITLE] do hereby proclaim April 24-28, 2017 as Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week in [INSERT CITY/STATE], and urge the citizens of [INSERT CITY/STATE] to join me in this special observance with appropriate events and displays of appreciation.


______________________________________________________                           [AFFIX SEAL]
Governor / Mayor