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HEPA Standards 2.0


Studies show that healthy, active children learn better, perform better academically and experience fewer behavioral problems. But many children are not getting the healthy food and physical activity they need each day. Afterschool and summer learning programs are well positioned to be key partners in a comprehensive effort to help children grow up healthy.

A coalition of individuals from the National Institute of Out-of-School Time, the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and the YMCA of the USA collaborated to develop standards on healthy eating and physical activity (HEPA) in Out-of-School time (OST). The Standards were adopted by the National AfterSchool Association and named the NAA HEPA Standards for Out-of-School Time

An extensive refresh of the standards was completed in 2017. In version 2.0 you will find a streamlined, user-friendly version of the Standards. NAA invites you to download the standards and encourages you to tailor them to your program's specific needs as you strive to be a high-quality program that promotes healthy behaviors.


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