There are two different session formats offered at Convention:

  • Workshop – 75 ­minute sessions that can be a hands-on training, discussion, lecture, or panel presentation (maximum of three panelists and a moderator for panels). At least 15-minutes of audience Q&A is required.
  • Learning Express – Quick, 30-minute sessions that share ideas participants can use right away. No Q&A time required.

Workshop Strands
There are five key strands for all workshops offered at Convention:

1. Developing High Quality and Innovative Programs (Core Knowledge Competencies 1, 2, 3). Subtopics include:

a. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
b. STEM (Science, Education, Technology, and Math)
c. Curricula and Activity Ideas
d. Developing Learning Environments
e. Supporting the Whole Child
f. Project Based Learning

2. Youth Engagement (Core Knowledge Competencies 4, 5, 6). Subtopics include:

a. Youth Voice and Choice
b. Youth Leadership
c. Youth Planning
d. Creating Community and Group Experiences
e. Interactions
f. Cooperative Learning
g. Positive Guidance strategies
h. Bullying Prevention
i. Cultural Competence
j. Inclusion

3. Healthy Eating, Physical Activity (HEPA), Community and Family Engagement (Core Knowledge Competencies 7, 8). Subtopics include:

a. NAA HEPA Standards
b. Healthy Eating Curricula, Activity Ideas, and Resources
c. Physical Activity Curricula, Activity Ideas, and Resources
d. Snack and Meals Resources
e. Creating Healthy Communities
f. Family Engagement

4. Program and Professional Development (Core Knowledge Competencies 9, 10). Subtopics include:

a. Continuous Program Improvement
b. Funding and Sustainability
c. Program Evaluation
d. Core Competencies
e. Human Resources 101
f. Staff Supervision
g. Coaching
h. Aligning with the School Day
i. Youth Recruitment Strategies
j. Program Marketing

5. Theme-Related Strand: Super People, Super Powers. Subtopics include:

a. Time Management
b. Work/Life Balance
c. Success Stories
d. Bringing Your Best Self to Work
e. Emotional Intelligence
f. Telling Your Story
g. Afterschool Heroes

Download our Presenter FAQs for more detailed information. You can also contact Erin Leonard at leonard@collaborativecommunications.com.