Professional Development

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Support Healthier Afterschool With This New Tool

Continuous program improvement requires reflection on professional practices to identify strengths and recognize areas for future growth.

The HEPA 2.0 Self-Assessment Tool is designed to empower professionals and programs to assess their progress in meeting the standards outlined in the NAA Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards for Out-of-School Time, version 2.0.

The Self-Assessment Tool allows afterschool and other youth development professionals to assess professional and program practices in each of the five content areas, identify specific areas of strengths and plan action steps that will lead to improvement.

The Self-Assessment Tool may also be used by administrators and supervisors to guide program evaluation and to identify program and professional development needs.

Use the Self-Assessment Tool as a guide to assess areas of strength, areas for improvement, and help determine continuous program improvement plans. The Assess, Reflect, Plan process will help you determine what development activities are needed for continued growth of the professionals and the program. It is suggested that you work through one Content Area at a time, or choose to focus on just a few specific Content Areas or Standards. Complete the assessment over the course of a few days.

Once complete, we encourage you to enter your answers into the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's online assessment for OST sites.

Courtesy of NAA.