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Six Tip Sheets for Handling Afterschool Data

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 05:19

Data, smartly employed, can help afterschool decision-makers with everything from allocating resources fairly to improving program quality. But what information is needed? How should it be collected? And what are the best ways to put it to use? 

The Wallace Foundation provides a set of easy-to-read tip sheets answers these questions and more, giving city agencies, after-school program providers, intermediary organizations, and others a jump-start on making the most of data in after-school programming.

The six tip sheets include: Introduction, Using Data to Improve Accountability, Using Data to Map Needs and Supply, Using Data to Assess and Improve Quality, Using Data in Advocacy Work, and Data-Sharing Strategies That Work.

Click here to download all six tip sheets for your reference:

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