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The Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business

Quality out-of-school is healthy out-of-school—and the NAA HEPA Standards are a critical tool in making healthier programming a reality for young people everywhere.

Yet sometimes, obstacles beyond an organization's control may hinder its ability to easily implement a healthy eating strategy. From navigating product access to allocating staff time, it isn't always simple to serve healthier options each day.

That's why the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Amazon Business have partnered to help organizations more easily identify and access items that align with the HEPA Standards. Their new resource—the Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business—is the first verified online store to feature a range of items vetted to meet the HEPA Standards, all in one convenient location.

Available with free shipping to communities nationwide, this solution can support staff from a variety of organizations, no matter the budget or zip code. To learn more and get started, visit Healthier Generation today.

Content and photo courtesy of Alliance for a Healthier Generation.