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Partnerships with STEM-Rich Institutions

Afterschool programs around the nation have enthusiastically embraced science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Some major afterschool providers, like 4-H and Girls Inc., have long made STEM a priority and in recent years.

The vast majority of providers have also come to value providing STEM learning opportunities as an important part of their programming. 

 An Afterschool Alliance poll of afterschool programs conducted in 2010-2011 showed that ninety-nine percent of respondents thought that offering some sort of STEM programming was important, even if that wasn't the focus of their program.

Afterschool Alliance presents two issue briefs that talk on afterschool STEM programs and are generously supported by the Noyce Foundation. The issue brief topics represent emerging discussions within the afterschool field and are drawn from the two award categories of the 2013 Afterschool STEM Impact Awards: (1) partnerships with STEM-rich institutions, and (2) computing & engineering in afterschool.  The briefs feature the award winners and other exemplary afterschool programs that are having a significant impact on participants and demonstrate the potential of the afterschool space to contribute to broader national STEM education goals.

To read the first of these briefs, follow this link

The second brief on computing and engineering in afterschool will be released in mid-December.

"Also, both winning programs from the awards, Science Club and Project GUTS, put on fantastic Lights On Afterschool events to celebrate receiving the award! We were lucky to attend both events and witness the incredible support these programs had from their partners and communities," said Melissa Ballard, research assistant and Anita Krishnamurthi, Director of STEM Policy at the Afterschool Alliance.

Source: Afterschool Alliance