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Decoding STEM/STEAM: New Report Released

Tuesday, 24 July 2018 10:33

The Toy Association, NAA Corporate Advisory Board member and co-partner in the new Play Ambassador program, has released Decoding STEM/STEAM.

The new report dives deep into the true meaning of STEM and STEAM, eradicates common myths about STEM/STEAM education and helps parents and educators better guide children's learning of these subjects.

Toys are commonly labeled as being STEM/STEAM related, but a lot of the time, the definition of what that exactly means and how it can help improve children's concept of learning is blurry. That's why the Toy Association assembled a committee of experts in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math—as well as education—to delve in further and bring some clarity to the subject.

The report includes information relevant to the general public, parents, teachers and toy manufacturers.and and is organized into four segments: Meaning, Myths, Messages, and Toys Take You There. In the "Meaning" segment, background, history, and opinions on STEM/STEAM are explored. The "Myths" section exposes the misunderstandings surrounding STEM/STEAM. The "Messages" section is a synopsis of the key points expressed by Committee members. Finally, the "Toys Take You There," connects findings drawn from this report to toys and play.

Access the full report here.

Courtesy of the NAA.