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Educational Video Games in Afterschool Make a Positive Impact

DimensionU's cutting-edge games are a proven example of successful game-based learning.

Focusing on core math and literacy skills for students in grades 3 – 9, each game is designed with unique features to emphasize distinct academic and strategic skills. Afterschool programs are using DimensionU's interactive multiplayer video games to engage students and help improve academic performance.

With the help of DimensionU, afterschool programs in two major Florida school districts are witnessing a positive effect on student achievement in mathematics.

Here's a look at the statistics from two studies conducted during the 2016–17 academic year.

Broward County Before and After School Child Care (BASCC), Broward County Public Schools

BASCC sites with frequent DimensionU usage outperformed the Broward County Public Schools District average in math achievement and learning gain scores.

DimensionU sites:

  • Averaged 72% in mathematics achievement in elementary schools, versus 64% for the district average.
  • Averaged 68% for mathematics learning gains in elementary schools, versus the district average of 65%.
  • Exhibited a five-year positive trend on the overall percent correct of math problems solved, growing positively year-over-year, from 65% in 2013 to 78% in 2017.

Hillsborough-Out-of-School-Time (H.O.S.T), Hillsborough County Public Schools

H.O.S.T. sites with frequent DimensionU usage achieved above average math achievement and math learning gains when compared to Hillsborough County Public Schools district averages for elementary and middle schools.

DimensionU sites:

  • Averaged 64% in mathematics achievement for both elementary and middle schools, versus 53% and 54%, respectively, for the district averages.
  • Averaged 58% and 62% respectively for elementary and middle schools in mathematics learning gains, versus the district average of 54% for elementary schools and 59% for middle schools.
  • Exhibited a five-year positive trend on the total percent of correct responses, increasing from 55% in 2013 to 71% in 2017.

In both locations, the DimensionU afterschool sites contributed positively to the annual school grades and have demonstrated improved student proficiency in mathematics.

Available in 5-, 10- or 15-minute increments, DimensionU games are quick and easy to use. The games help reinforce instruction from the school day in a manner that's fun—and successful.

Learn how DimensionU can help your youth improve academic performance. Visit www.dimensionu.com, contact schools@dimensionu.com or call 877.682.2852.

Written by Steven Hoy, CEO, DimensionU, Inc.