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Squiggle Park: An Innovative Tool to Improve Reading through Play!

There's a new tool on the scene speeding up the development of reading skills for kids in preschool through third grade—and it's done through a video game!

Squiggle Park, a program that helps children learn how to read, is used in over 3,000 schools and afterschool programs—and adding more than 25 new organizations each week!

"Squiggle Park's growth is due to its ability to teach fundamental reading skills aligned with school curriculum, in the form of fun and simple bite-sized games," said Julia Rivard Dexter, Chief Marketing Officer.

The concept is simple: Give kids something they want to play, and make it easy. This increases practice and frees up time for educators.

"My student was so excited about getting three stars—it is so motivating! Thanks again for this wonderful program!"

- Jane Hursey, Teacher, Indiana

Another key component is Squiggle Park's focus on mastery. Kids can't play through the games without demonstrating they've mastered the skills. Progress data is tracked and reports are generated automatically, eliminating the need for time-consuming administration.

Over the summer and throughout the year, Squiggle Park partners with programs who focus on literacy—integrating their games into programming for a minimum of 30 minutes per week and raising reading scores!

Information courtesy of Squiggle Park. If your organization is interested in more information about Squiggle Park, or how you can use the games to improve reading scores this summer, e-mail julia@squiggleaprk.com or call 902-222-5838.

 Photo courtesy of Squiggle Park