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EZCare Empowers Families to Help Children Succeed in School

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 07:10

When parents participate in their children's education, everybody wins.

Studies show that enhanced communication between parents and child care providers leads to more engaged and successful children. EZCare's new child care management software uses online and mobile tools to facilitate greater interaction and participation from parents, which make the experience richer and more rewarding for everyone.

According to recent data from the Pew Research Center Mobile Technology Fact Sheet, 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone, 90 percent own a cellphone, 32 percent own an e-reader and 42 percent own a tablet or other mobile device. Most have stated that they prefer to use these devices to connect with others.

This survey also indicates that parents of young children who receive pictures, videos and text messages from their child's teachers are more engaged in their child's education and are better able to help them prepare for school and achieve academic success.

Taking this data into account, EZCare's developers built powerful parent-engagement tools into its next-generation software. These include an online, mobile-friendly parent portal and an integrated mobile app, called EZSmiles.

Through the portal, parents can access information, view or edit records, and see photos, videos and text messages from staff. It is the fastest and most effective way for child care centers to stay in touch with parents and make them feel a part of their child's day!

Parents can also download the EZSmiles app (available for iOS and Android) and have messages, photos and videos appear instantly on their mobile devices.

When parents and providers are on the same page, the children are the real winners.

For a free demo, visit or call 800.220.4111.

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