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Professional Development

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New Digital Learning Grant Opportunity

On January 2, 2017, the Susan Crown Exchange (SCE) launched the Digital Learning Challenge, a new initiative focused on gaining and sharing knowledge about how digital tools and practices can promote the development of skills for the workforce and positive community participation in youth.

Technology changes how we view, interact with and shape the world, and SCE believes that in order for the next generation to thrive as individuals, professionals and citizens in a rapidly changing world, they must become motivated, thoughtful lifelong learners, while becoming fluent in the new language of digital literacy.

While many afterschool programs have access to computers and the internet, the quality of programming and equipment depends on what resources are available—and training can be expensive and inaccessible. There are low-cost and high-impact ways, however, to train staff on new models of teaching, learning and digital technology.

Through the Digital Learning Challenge, SCE hopes to analyze and articulate best practices.

During the next two years, SCE will bring together a community of leading program practitioners, researchers and evaluators, HR professionals and digital product developers/distributors to explore important questions about what it means to be a 21st century citizen, and how to grow 21st century skills for youth in afterschool programs.

The initiative will unpack practices and programs of top afterschool programs that support teens as they build, produce and remix media, and how these activities connect to opportunities and obstacles beyond the program. These programs can be any size, shape, location or focus. SCE will study how the work is done in differing contexts and with different sets of challenges, and how success was achieved navigating all these factors.

The application process for program partners for the Digital Learning Challenge is open until January 20, 2017. Sign up for the newsletter and like the Facebook page for more information.

Photo courtesy of the Susan Crown Exchange.