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Professional Development

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Classroom Field Trips Make Common Core Fun

SmartLab Toys has been dedicated to helping children learn through play since 2004. From its Squishy Human Body model to its Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab, SmartLab specializes in creating hands-on learning experiences that kids love to play with. SmartLab's hard work and commitment to quality has earned it more than 50 toy industry awards for creativity and innovation.

Since SmartLab's passion is teaching about science, it has now set its sights on creating supplemental educational materials for the classroom and afterschool programs. This year, SmartLab is releasing two hands-on curriculum-based kits: Crimes and Clues and Dinosaur Hunt. The kits are designed for grades 2 to 6 and correlate with Next Generation Science and Common Core standards.

  • In Crimes and Clues, kids use investigative and deductive reasoning skills to solve the crime of the kidnapped border collies! The lessons supplement physical science and measurement curriculums.
  • In Dinosaur Hunt, students participate in a virtual dinosaur dig and put together a T. rex skeleton. Dinosaur Hunt features inquiry-based science and supplements fossil or dinosaur curriculums.

Each kit contains five one-hour lessons, with no prep time needed. Everything you need is included: lesson plans, AV materials, student resource books, license free software, reproducibles and more.

Visit Educational.SmartLabToys.com for details.

Photo courtesy of SmartLab Educational.