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The Role of Afterschool in College Persistence

The Partnership for Afterschool Education (PASE), recognizes the crucial role afterschool programs play in fostering young people's intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. The organization works toward improving the quality of afterschool programs for children and teens living in poverty.

In pursuit of this goal, PASE has launched Partnering for Success: The Role of Afterschool in College Persistence. This report explores the critical role afterschool programs play by helping young people prepare for, persist in and graduate from college. High-quality afterschool programs foster whole-person growth, and in turn develop successful students.

The report specifically covers the challenge of college persistence, the importance of afterschool programing, factors that support college persistence, the stages of students' lives during which persistence can be supported and how afterschool programs can best support students during these life stages. It also incorporates case studies of community organizations providing young people with high-quality college preparation services.

In delineating the three most important factors with regard to college persistence, the report lists academic preparation and performance, social and emotional skills and development, and college knowledge and advising.

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