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How to Make a YouTube Video

YouTube is the hottest thing around-just ask any kid or teen you know! It's great for a laugh or to make us smile, and it's also a cool place to learn. YouTube videos can teach your afterschool students how to do new things and also share their knowledge with others. Learn how to make YouTube videos with help from, an innovative STEM afterschool program.

Fidgets2Widgets has created a series of short YouTube-based tutorials that will walk your students through the step-by-step video making process. After watching these videos, each student will be well on his or her way to becoming a YouTube video making extraordinaire!

While watching the Fidget2Widget tutorials, your afterschool students will learn how to set-up their video scene, record messages, edit their videos via the YouTube Creator Studio and create post-production narration.

In addition to teaching the mechanics of the video making process, the resident "Widgetarian" who leads these tutorials also suggests ways your afterschool students can increase their video's reach. For instance, if your students want their video to go viral, he suggests they cover a trend-setting topic, find a subject that will resonate within an interactive community or focus on entirely unexpected subject matter.

Mr. Widgetarian emphasizes the importance of YouTube etiquette. He reminds his viewers to not judge other videos too harshly. It takes guts to put your video in front of the entire YouTube universe; constructive comments are always the way to go!

Click here to access the Fidgets2Widgets YouTube learning modules.

Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for AfterSchool Today magazine.


#1 Rose 2016-01-22 08:31
I was interested but a bit confused. I don't know anything about live streaming but am trying to learn. The FidgetstoWidget s video tutorials are accessing a free and opensource video program called Open Broadcaster Software. This link is posted under the Youtube video that this article sends you to. I would suggest checking it out then going to the videos.
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