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Dabbling in the Data

Over the past few years, there's been an explosion of interest in using data to inform continuous quality improvement—yet the resources to help organizations make meaning of their data have lagged behind.

Too often, existing workshops and guides simply skip over the analysis phase, or delegate it to offsite eggheads. Public Profit has created free support materials to assist your staff in data analysis, including 15 exercises for hands-on data analysis that teams can use to make meaning of their data.

"At Public Profit, we think that the analysis phase is critical, and sought ways to make it more participatory and accessible," said Corey Newhouse, Public Profit founder and principal. "Dabbling provides step-by-step instructions, so that any facilitator can use the activities. We hope you and your colleagues can use it to start or enhance team conversations about what the data are telling you, and what to do about it."

Click here for free electronic versions of the guide. Public Profit also offers in person trainings and trainer-of-trainer sessions. Click here to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Issue Lab.