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Professional Development

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Charity for Change Giver Program

Take a minute for student empathy, compassion, and self-efficacy. 

All children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, deserve to know the feeling that comes from giving and from helping others. Take a minute to remember how you felt the last time you gave your time or money to help someone else.

Remember the empowering feeling you had when you did the right thing or took responsibility?

The Charity for Change Giver Program integrates service learning and character education into a standards-based math and character education curriculum, requiring less than 15 minutes a week.

Pre-K to fifth-grade students are powerfully captivated by the interactive online mascots, Giver and U2Can, while earning money from Charity for Change that is given to charities the students research and select. Charities demonstrate the impact the students are making by speaking at the afterschool site.

"The students' enthusiasm for giving and learning through the Giver Program is palpable," said Florida State Representative Kathleen Passidomo. "This program should be available to every afterschool program in the country!" 

"Empathy represents the foundation skill for all the social competencies important for work."
—Daniel Goleman, psychologist and award-winning author of Emotional Intelligence

Click here to learn more about Charity for Change.

Photo courtesy of Tim Gibbons Photography.