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Professional Development

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PCS Edventures’ Afterschool Curricula

Looking to bring more variety to your current afterschool program?

PCS Edventures has recently created a series of curricula that is perfect for afterschool settings, clubs, and more. Known as LABCards, these newly developed units cover topics ranging from exciting robotics and programming to 3-D printing, computer coding, and so much more.

LABCards were designed with the needs of afterschool instructors in mind, by being extremely granular and easy-to-understand, as well as student-driven.

Each unit of LABCards comes with four distinct levels differentiated by color, and each level contains five cards full of projects, challenges, and design activities. This unique way of creating projects for kids in grades 4 – 8 has made it easy for instructors to encourage learner independence, and foster confidence in their students. LABCards also naturally progress from level to level, which reinforces concepts and skills from early projects throughout later challenges and activities.

To learn more about these exciting new afterschool products, head to edventures.com!

Photo courtesy of PCS Edventure.