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Tryout Results Revealed

Tuesday, 09 June 2015 00:00

Life Lessons from the Soccer Field, Part II: The e-mail we had been anxiously awaiting arrived in my inbox late Friday afternoon. The powers that be left no room for suspense, beginning the e-mail with "Unfortunately ... "

I let my daughter read it for herself, trying to gauge any disappointment in her face. After she finished, she handed the phone back to me, saying, "I'm OK with that."

We all agreed the two-week-long tryout process had been a good experience. It was physically demanding, as she battled against girls much taller, much faster, and more skilled than she. She came home every night exhausted. In the end, forty-eight girls made the travel squad and thirty-six did not. My daughter was one of the thirty-six. But she assured me she was OK with it.

And I was OK with it, too, because she had tried, she had failed, and she had shown that she could go on.

Besides, she got some really great news last week: She was selected for safety patrol. She is ridiculously excited about it. From the dramatic draping on of the belt every morning to the passionate daily recitation of the "Safety Patrol Pledge," I am surprised (and somewhat amused!) by her commitment to this newest endeavor. I think she's learning one of those life lessons we try to remember as adults—that whenever there is a disappointment, a new opportunity often paves the way to quicker healing.

Besides, who hasn't learned a lot of life lessons on the school bus?

Written by Gina Warner, president and CEO of the National AfterSchool Association.