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Marketing to the Millennial Mom – Free Download

You already know the importance of marketing to moms for your program. But did you know that today's millennial mom manages quite differently than the moms of even a few years ago?

They control $200 billion in discretionary income and make eighty-three percent of their family's spending decisions. They are busy and efficient, digitally connected, and passionate about what's important to them.

How are you getting their attention? ACTIVE Network's Marketing Toolkit addresses various marketing paradigms you need to know to reach your No. 1 buyer, including:

Moms rely on their smartphones or tablets to manage their families-on-the-go. They're more likely to choose kids' activities that are online and offer mobile-friendly registration that lets them pay digitally.

Can she find your program on Google?
Is your registration process streamlined to make her life easier?

Moms are on social media at a rate that rivals teenagers. Forty-six percent of millennial moms base decisions on other moms' recommendations, and they aren't shy about sharing their own experiences.

Does your organization know how to engage with her on social media and take advantage of her love of social sharing to increase registrations?

Moms prioritize "value," for pricing and beyond. Their values include organizations that give back or reflect an image they relate to.

Does your brand resonate with her?
Do your pricing options give her an incentive to choose you?

The marketing toolkit will enable you to answer all of these questions with a confident "YES!" It includes five valuable resources to help make sure your program reaches today's millennial moms.

Written by Gina Calvert, senior marketing writer for ACTIVE Network.

RS8697 Marketing Toolkit AdACTIVE Network's Marketing Toolkit Includes:

  • The Strategic Marketing Playbook
  • Three Key Steps to Building Your Brand
  • The Busy Program Director's Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Marketing Playbook
  • Ten Tips to Get Found on Google

Click here for your free download.