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Trainer Quality

Wednesday, 14 August 2013 07:58

The National AfterSchool Association developed the NAA Afterschool Trainer Quality System with support from the C. S. Mott Foundation to provide a quality assurance system for trainers in the afterschool field.

The system is based on a trainer's demonstration of the NAA Core Competencies for Afterschool Trainers and consists of six separate steps using the following tools:

The NAA AfterSchool Trainer Quality System provides afterschool trainers with a method for demonstrating their competency to trainer approval systems operated by states or agencies, as well as to potential clients and trainees.

Afterschool program directors, training organizations, state and local trainer approval systems, and employers may use the system to assess a potential trainer's mastery of training competencies and as an indicator of trainer quality. The system also supports effective professional development of afterschool staff by providing trainer quality assurance to the afterschool field. The system addresses the following needs assessed by NAA during the research and development process:

  • Identification of essential components of high quality training experiences for afterschool professionals
  • Development of a national system for quality recognition of afterschool trainers
  • Increased capacity of existing afterschool trainers
  • Support for emerging quality trainers for the afterschool field
  • Increased capacity of existing organizations to develop their own high quality trainers

NAA Afterschool Trainer Quality System Six Steps to Quality

Step 1: Download the NAA Core Competencies for Afterschool Trainers. Review the competencies while reflecting upon your personal training skills.

Step 2: Complete the Afterschool Trainer Profile. This will create a comprehensive summary of your training experience and professional background. The Afterschool Trainer Profile may serve as an application for Trainer Approval in some states or systems. NOTE: Include a thirty minute video of you conducting a training session with afterschool staff, if required.

Step 3: Complete the Afterschool Trainer Self-Assessment. This will document your assessment of your mastery of the NAA Core Competencies for Afterschool Trainers.

Step 4: Complete the Afterschool Training Plan. Using the Afterschool Training Plan Guide, complete the training plan template using one of your existing trainings.

Step 5: Distribute the Participant Survey to participants of one of your recent training sessions. Collect surveys, reflect on participant feedback, and submit as a part of your portfolio.

Step 6: Provide the Afterschool Trainer Observation form to a qualified Trainer Assessor.

Conduct a training session with an assessor present or submit a thirty minute video of you conducting a training session to the assessor. The assessor will complete the form while observing your training session in person or on video.

These six steps will result in your personal Afterschool Trainer Portfolio which can be submitted to state or local trainer or training approval systems, employers, potential employers or consumers, and trainees. Your Afterschool Trainer Portfolio will document your demonstration of skill and competence as a trainer and will advance your professional development and recognition as a quality afterschool trainer.