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Engage Readers at All Levels

Roleplay Reader and Playbooks® Reader's Theater Publishing provides innovative and engaging reading enrichment materials that provide growth and measurable results in reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence.

Playbooks® Reader's Theater stories are unique, because each character's dialogue is presented in a different color throughout the story and the roles are written at different reading levels. This means each book has easier and harder roles within the same script, allowing facilitators to group older kids with younger kids to read the same story together. Older students become the reading role models for the younger students in this socially interactive form of reading, and everyone gains from the experience.

The patented format of delivering dialogue in different colors is a simple difference that can be crucial to ultimate student success, making it easier for students to follow their character roles, assess how much they will read, and be prepared for their next turn to speak, giving them a sense of ownership and security in their roles.

Playbooks® carefully balances main character roles and role combinations for small, nonthreatening reading groups, so all readers have the opportunity to shine throughout the entire story, even the struggling readers! The whole ideas is to build reading fluency and confidence and promote participation for all readers. Lower-level reading does not mean smaller, more insignificant roles!

Professional development, including onsite training and free webinars, is available to help staff effectively incorporate this resource into your student activities.

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