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STEM Resources for Afterschool Programs

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 04:29

Advancing STEM education has been hailed as an effective strategy for training the workers of tomorrow, stoking interest in career fields where employees will be in demand and, of course, for increasing academic achievement. Try these resources for more ideas to expand your outside-of-school-time STEM programming:

Click here for the California Department of Education's information and resources for kindergarten through grade twelve STEM education.

Power of Discovery offers resources focusing on project-based learning, and specifically addresses the issue of females and minorities being under-represented in STEM fields of work.

The Noyce Foundation offers information on the importance of STEM programming, information on their initiatives, a range of resources, and information about STEM events.

The American Library Association has created a downloadable STEM toolkit that will aid educators in using their library resources in developing STEM activities for students, with inquiry-based learning the focus.

Southwest Education Development Laboratory (SEDL) has published a study on most effective ways to engage students, particularly females and minorities, in STEM programming.


#1 Becky Schrowang 2014-12-07 08:47
i can't wait to see what our Group Leaders say about this program.
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