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Spooky (But Healthy) Halloween Treats

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 00:00

Grocery and convenience stores are already displaying Halloween candy, and your students may already be enjoying these sugary treats. Here are a few ideas for reasonably healthy snacks to celebrate the season without a sugar overload.

Ghost Parfait
Layer vanilla yogurt over mandarin oranges in a clear cup, and top with a ghost Peep.

Peel tangerines and use small slices of celery inserted at the top for the pumpkin stem.

Banana Boo
Cut peeled bananas in half, and use regular sized and mini-chocolate chips to create eyes and a mouth at the narrow end of the banana.

Creepy Eyes
Use round crackers spread with peanut butter as the base for the eye. Top with a slice of banana, then a grape half, chocolate chip, or round piece of cereal for the pupil.

Eerie Eggs
Cut hard-boiled eggs in half, and add small slivers of colored pepper or dots of mustard or other colored sauce on the white for eyes, with the yolk forming the mouth.