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Effective Strategies for Afterschool Program Budgeting and Pricing

You love serving youth and assisting in their development. You don't love bookkeeping. We get it!

At Procare Solutions, we take the stress out of the bureaucratic tasks that keep you from doing what you love—being with the young people in your care. We have some tips for navigating the tricky world of budgeting and what to charge.

When it comes to tallying the bottom-line cost of operating an afterschool program, there's a long list of factors to consider, from your program's location and insurance costs to salaries and technology. You need to think about capital expenses versus operating expenses, in addition to how much you'll need to spend on furniture and supplies such as games and books.

And of course, figuring out the correct price to charge for your services is vital to your business. What should your tuition be in order for you to make a profit, with all your other expenses considered? Procare has a quick five-step process to figure it out for your business.

Take a look at a free ebook written by Procare, a software solutions company that has been helping child care centers for more than 30 years. It's called "The Ultimate Guide to Child Care Pricing and Budgeting."

Let us know how else we can help your OST program thrive.

Courtesy of Procare Solutions.