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The Role of Leaders in Creating Career Pathways

A recent Associations Now article stressed the importance of career pathways and how organizations can support employees on their paths to success.

The article immediately emphasizes the importance of assisting employees in their career development efforts by citing writings from Maria Haggerty in Inc.:

"Personalized career development should be prioritized for all employees," Haggerty writes. "Encourage them to identify goals, then present them with tools and opportunities to help them develop a path to reaching them."

According to the article, building a written road map is key and can help take your goals to the next level.

"Once a career map is created, leaders should meet with employees regularly to assess their progress," the article states.

Learning new skills and expanding industry knowledge is another professional development element that should be fostered and supported by employers.

"Offer recommendations on local conferences, industry events, certification programs, and training sessions that they can take advantage of."

Haggerty also writes that employers should be the ones paving the way for employees, but ultimately, it's the employees who should take charge of their own professional development once the road ahead has been mapped out.

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