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Simple Tips for Self-Care

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 00:00

It's no secret that self-care should be a priority in the lives of afterschool professionals and leaders everywhere—especially during trying times that require us to be resilient on a daily basis.

NAA recently asked Executive members in our Self-Care in 2021 Facebook group their top tips for easily incorporating self-care into your routine. Check out their answers.

"Find time each day to do something you find fun. Something that takes you out of your work world and puts you somewhere else for a moment." – Tyler Kearns, Program Coordinator, Clayton Kid Zone, and Play Ambassador, Genius of Play

"I'm on a 1,350+ day streak on Duolingo. It's part of my nightly routine to practice languages." – Amanda Barnett, Offsite Master Educator, Kentucky Science Center

"Place full water bottles throughout the house (my office, the kitchen, by my living room chair, in the bathroom, and by my bed) to remind me to drink water throughout the day." – Heidi Ham, Vice President, Programs and Strategy, National AfterSchool Association

"Keep vitamins by your bed so you don't forget to take them every night!" – Jill Carroll, Marketing & Media Consultant, National AfterSchool Association

"Always choose happiness!" – Tommy Brewer II, Deputy Chief of Innovations & Partnerships, Think Together, and NAA Executive Board Chair

"I have found self-care in taking photos each day. It started out a way to connect with my elderly mom. I have found joy in nature!" – Abbie Fennel, Consultant and Trainer, SH Consulting

"I have a motto, 'adapt and overcome' that I use to help myself and my colleagues all the time to not get too stressed or discouraged about the uncertainties that we are facing." – Willie Buford, Program Site Manager, Flint Chamber of Commerce - YouthQuest

NAA Executive members can join the Self-Care Facebook group to share ideas and resources, ask questions, and motivate one another as our field takes on the challenge of meeting the needs of kids, families and communities.

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