Professional Development

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The Professional Development You Need to Move Forward

This past year made us all question ... well, almost everything. The words "unprecedented" and "pivot" were used way too many times. While there will still be some pivoting, we know there is no question that we need to continue strengthening ourselves, our organizations, our programs and our profession.

There is strength in numbers, so let's move forward together! NAA is proud to offer a new series of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) starting this March. We can't gather in person at the NAA Convention, so let's connect virtually and with great intentionality.

PLC participants will engage in learning with an intimate cohort of colleagues from across the country. Together, you will gain tools and supports to ...

... Discover essential leadership skills.
... Build culturally agile skills to walk the talk of equity and inclusion.
... Strengthen social and emotional learning.
... Practice intentional self-care to be the leader you envision.

NAA PLCs are a different kind of learning for the here and now. They are designed to inspire meaningful connections where participants join top NAA Convention facilitators and national experts for collaborative six- to eight-week guided learning experiences focused on the most important topics in afterschool including:

  • Superpowers for Supervisors
  • Developing Essential STEM Facilitation Skills
  • Leveraging the Summer Learning Toolkit for Continuous Improvement
  • Creating Culturally Agile Skills and Spaces in Youth Development
  • Leading with an Equity and Inclusion Mindset
  • Social-Emotional Learning and Wellness
  • Using Transformative Social Emotional Skill Building to Energize Your Leadership and Improve Staff and Student Engagement

PLCs are priced at $150 each and include at least 10 hours of learning and a certificate of completion.

If you're focused on moving forward, strengthening your skills, and connecting with colleagues who understand—this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Learn more here.

Courtesy of NAA.