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Professional Development

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A Five-Point Checklist for Going from Surviving to Thriving

How many times have you been aware of a mental, physical or emotional need of yours that you don't want to put off, but do because you feel like other items take precedence?

It can feel selfish to want to put your own needs ahead of others, but as afterschool professionals and leaders, it's important to prioritize your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The pandemic has highlighted this even further. If you're struggling—and find yourself merely surviving—shift yourself to thriving, with this checklist from MindGym.

Have you ...?

1. Pinpointed time in your schedule for breaks and created an end to your workday?

2. Thought about who you have in your social circle who takes well-being seriously and reached out to them to have a conversation?

3. Asked yourself "Is this necessary, right now?" to re-prioritize your tasks according to your schedule?

4. Let go of ruminating about how things "should be" and instead accepted that life as we know it has changed?

5. Focused only on those things that are within your control and that you can do?

Remember: self-care is essential.

NAA offers the following resources to help with your or your team members' self-care:

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Photo courtesy of Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.