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Invest in Yourself and Your Development in 2021

Tuesday, 05 January 2021 10:10

Last week, I hosted a call with Dr. Jamie Freeny where we discussed self-care. I could see from the nods of attendees that Dr. Freeny's powerful words really resonated.

I found her encouragement to do something for ourselves—without guilt of time, money or judgment—to be exactly what we all needed to hear.

In that same spirit, I'm coming to ask you to do something for yourself today: invest. Invest in your development. Invest in connecting with a community of individuals who know, appreciate and understand what you're experiencing.

At a time when our industry is facing its greatest challenges as a result the ongoing pandemic, I want to assure you NAA is focused on supporting you long-term, personally and professionally.

As events evolved this year, we provided members with increased communication and resources related to reopening, DEI and COVID-19. We offered virtual events, created discussion groups, and spaces for community engagement and encouragement. I hope you've taken advantage of all these benefits, which your complimentary Ambassador membership provides.

We have even more to offer when you upgrade and join as an Executive member.

The resources we create and share are designed for afterschool professionals and leaders looking for more inspiration, deeper connections, and additional opportunities to build or share their knowledge. I strongly encourage investing in yourself and your colleagues with this elevated membership level. Do it for you, as Dr. Freeny would say, without guilt of time, money or judgment.

I know this has been a difficult time for many of you. You've retooled and responded to the ongoing concerns of team members, families and your communities. While we feel incredibly hopeful about the coming year, the reality is that the future is unknown. But I want you to know that the NAA community is resilient and we will support you through whatever comes.


Gina Warner
President & CEO
National AfterSchool Association

Courtesy of NAA.