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Member-to-Member Tip Off: Socially Distanced Group Games

Tuesday, 01 December 2020 13:13

In NAA's Reopening Afterschool Facebook group, members have been asked questions covering a variety of relevant and helpful topics with the goal of offering an exchange of tips between leaders and professionals in the field.

Recently, NAA asked afterschool leaders for best tips for modifying favorite group games to account for social distancing.

Erica Kreisler, Out of School Coordinator, Kansas City of Parks & Recreation, notes her organization uses Aspalt Green often because it breaks down activities by grades and ages.

"Each staff meeting, we choose three to go over and modify if needed," said Kreisler. "It has helped to do physical activity in smaller groups. There's probably over 100 games."

Rebecca Fabino from Fab Youth Philly, says her organization's Play Captains have used the below prompts as part of their facilitation strategy when leading games to help youth maintain social distance.


Nikki Mills, Program Manager, Vineyard Community Center, notes her organization often uses pool noodles a lot for activities like tag.

"You tag with the noodle! Relays and races are also great," said Mills. "The kids love them and they aren't too close in proximity."

Additional input was offered by Kande Jones, Youth Director, Mulvane Recreation Commission, who shared some favorite activities from Youth Group Games and Great Camp Games.

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Courtesy of NAA.