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Ways to Go Contactless to Support the Safety of Your Afterschool Program

Beyond Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health department guidelines, there are additional measures afterschool programs can take to help allay parents' worries and demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of the kids in their care.

Many programs have implemented special procedures for this process, but they could be taken one step further by using contactless check-in/out solutions to strengthen their safety measures (and make the drop-off/pickup process a lot easier).

Two examples of contactless check-in/check-out include:

  1. QR Codes: The program initiates the check-in by displaying a QR code on a device at a check-in kiosk. They can also print out the QR code and post it. Parents can scan the QR code and complete the check-in process using their own mobile phone.
  2. GPS Sign-In/Out: GPS technology and geofencing are used to allow check-ins within a radius set by the program. Once the feature is enabled, parents receive alerts when they're close to the facility and can complete check-in without leaving their vehicle.

With physical distancing measures in place, in-person or physical payment methods aren't feasible. By implementing payment processing software, afterschool programs can facilitate contactless payments and automated billing, which saves time and improves cash flow, while also giving parents more flexible payment options. Some even offer next business day funding.

Strict social distancing measures have eliminated opportunities for in-person interactions with parents, making parent engagement more difficult. However, with the right parent engagement app, programs can enable a multipronged parent communication approach that offers a steady stream of information, center highlights and more—reinforcing or even growing parents' investment in the school and their children's learning journey.

Contactless technologies that address check-in/out, payment processing and parent communication are simple, yet effective ways to navigate the challenges laid bare by COVID-19. Not only do they support the measures afterschool programs are taking to keep children, staff, and families safe, but they could also help ease the burden of the many business and communication challenges programs face.

Talk to an expert to learn how you could implement contactless technologies at your center.

Content and photo courtesy of Procare Solutions.