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OST Program Benefits to Share Now

Out-of-school time programs are vital to our communities and are a critical component of many families' childcare strategies. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way that interactions look in the short term and forced the reimagining of program offerings.

As America looks to reopen, OST programs will be an essential part of participants' routines, enrichment, and physical well-being—as well as families' childcare strategies, as caregivers are increasingly called back into workplaces.

In addition to offering remote opportunities and activities, program leaders can be proactive now by sharing the benefits of their programs and success stories as a means of solidifying their program's place in the community post-pandemic.

Here is a blog about the top six benefits of OST programs to help you start your brainstorming and a bonus guide to creating a successful educational grants management plan for your afterschool program, to help plan for your program's future.

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Written by Phillip Smith, Brand Manager for AfterSchool21, who helps to support afterschool program administrators in parent pay management and accurate 21APR reporting.

Courtesy of TransAct/Cayen Systems.

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