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Inclusion: From Afterschool to the Living Room

We recognize how stressful this time is for parents and caregivers at home and how uncertainty and change or lack of routine can cause challenging behaviors from kids, both with and without disabilities.

Kids Included Together, which has spent more than two decades helping teachers and child care providers support the needs of kids of all abilities in group activities, has launched an At-Home Helpline for Behavior and Learning Support.

The helpline offers a way to connect with KIT's friendly, knowledgeable and helpful Inclusionistas, who in turn provide effective new ways to address the challenges parents face in this new reality in a 30-minute call. Parents will walk away with ideas, strategies, and fresh resources for learning, behavior, and recreation.

This service is being provided free for families until June 30, 2020! Call 858.225.5680, Monday through Friday, between 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. PST, for a free 30-minute coaching call with one of KIT's specialists.

Learn more by visiting KIT.

Courtesy of NAA.