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Get Moving at Home for Physical Fitness Month

It's important to keep active all year-round. May—Physical Fitness Month—celebrates that.

NAA Convention 2020 exhibitor Skilllastics has shared a free fitness calendar that's guaranteed to keep everyone moving!

The new resource, which pulls some material from Skillastic's Physical Activity Program, is ideal for getting families moving at home together.

"The purpose we had with this was about those times where there might be a little moment in the evening where kids are saying 'I'm bored!' and they can't get to parks and can't go do things," said Jess Wadleigh, National Accounts Manager, Skillastics. "It's kind of our way of helping to get families to have ideas and not have to worry about figuring something out."

Many of the activities are meant to bring families together, whether it's going into every room to do arm circles or as a family doing knee pushups before breakfast or bedtime.

"We've been getting a big, positive response from this," said Wadleigh, who knew early in life she wanted to work with kids and went on to get her health and exercise science degree with a teaching credential for physical education. "There's such a huge correlation between exercise and feeling good. That's directly related to the positive endorphins that are released when you're active."

Wadleigh knows the importance of fitness firsthand. She taught P.E. for K-8 for eight years, worked with her school's afterschool program and ran multisports camps in the summer for 11 years.

"Not only did I operate these camps, but I was an active camp counselor where I'd teach these kids and see them actually come back and I'd mentor them to be counselors as well," said Wadleigh. "It's a really cool full circle round. I think that's such a big piece of afterschool programming, is that you see a lot of kids who were in afterschool programming come back and they want to be a part of it because it was such a big impact in their life in such a positive way."

Wadleigh notes that Skilliastics—which has been an NAA Advocate member for four years and has had a presence at NAA Annual Convention for over eight years—allows great opportunities to impact youth and families across the nation through resources like the fitness calendar, especially now.

During a time when it's easy to feel down, Wadleigh stresses how much exercise can improve our moods.

"I think kids are missing their friends, and so are families as a whole—missing social interactions," said Wadleigh. "So if we get families to be active together and increase those endorphins, I know it helps everybody feel better, happier, and more positive. And those are the things we need all the time, but are especially important during this time."

Enjoy the free Skillastics fitness resource in its entirety. Skillastics also offers additional expanded resources, such as the Skillastics Virtual Physical Activity Program.

The sun is shining more often and the trees have begun blooming. Breathe in some fresh air and get moving!


Courtesy of NAA. Photo courtesy of Skillastics.