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Diversifying: The Key for Longevity of Afterschool Programs

A strategic, forward-thinking grants management plan is an essential part of maintaining and growing a long-lasting and impactful afterschool program. 

The key to creating a successful grants management plan is making the best possible use of funds to set up an afterschool program for future success.

Approach grant funding as a temporary resource to kick-start and build out an afterschool program, not to sustain it for the long term. After a program's first year, successful programs aim to have no more than 30% of funding coming from a single source.

By diversifying funding sources, afterschool programs can create a path to sustainability that ensures losing one grant isn't catastrophic to the longevity of the program.

This step-by-step guide to creating a successful grants management plan shares how to:

  • Find grants for your afterschool program
  • Plan for your program after your grant ends
  • [Bonus] Find out how your program scores on a sustainability and grants management checklist

Download the step-by-step guide to finding and managing educational grants for tips on increasing funding your afterschool program.

Written by Phillip Smith, Brand Manager for AfterSchool21, who helps to support afterschool program administrators in parent pay management and accurate 21APR reporting.

Courtesy of Cayen Systems.