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Creating Cultures of Care: Supporting The Whole Child through Trauma-Informed Practice

Equipped with rapidly growing knowledge about how trauma can undermine young people's healthy development and ability to learn, many youth-serving professionals, community leaders and policymakers are infusing principles of trauma-informed practice into program design, implementation and policy proposals.

A new resource from the Center for Promise for America's Promise Alliance's Every School Healthy campaign, shares important insights about trauma-informed practice, drawing from both the prevailing literature and on-the-ground community expertise.

Creating Cultures of Care: Supporting the Whole Child through Trauma-Informed Practice offers a framework for how trauma-informed practice complements positive youth development, while illustrating the bridge between theory and practice.

In the brief, you'll read about the work of two specific communities—one in Oregon and one in Missouri—which are engaged in collaborative, on-the-ground efforts to make healthy schools that support all young people the norm and not the exception. These communities serve as an inspiration to others across the country as they lead the way in creating healthier school environments where every child can thrive.

America's Promise Alliance is inviting afterschool professionals to share this resource and the importance of trauma-informed practice in the lives of youth and adults alike.

Read the full brief and view the promotional toolkit.

#1 Cheryl Martinez 2020-03-26 19:39
I work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County and this is an area of emphasis that we are very interesting in, in order to be able to help our members and our families
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