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AlphaBEST Increases Capabilities without Added Staffing

AlphaBEST Education, Inc., a leading childcare company offering afterschool and out of school programming, was growing quickly by 2015.

With over 300 sites across 11 states, AlphaBEST soon found its billing and invoicing processes were insufficient to meet the new demand.

Also, the company required greater onsite storage to retain more records, such as attendance sheets and student data. Faced with manual processes that expended increasing levels of valuable staff time and effort, AlphaBEST decided to automate these processes using a solution developed specifically for the childcare industry—EZChildTrack childcare management software.

EZChildTrack automated and streamlined multiple processes required for daily operations, billing and payment, eliminating the biggest headache of any afterschool program: the waste of time and resources.

Adoption of the EZChildTrack childcare management solution significantly increased efficiency in billing and attendance tracking without additional staff. It also centralized recordkeeping, improving data storage and accessibility. The software is now integrated into every facet of AlphaBEST's operations.

By automating repetitive administrative tasks, AlphaBEST was able to streamline its billing processes while increasing quality childcare services across the U.S.

Learn more at EZChildTrack.

Content and photo courtesy of ThomasKelly.