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Learning in Afterschool & Summer Project - How Kids Learn

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 06:56

The Learning in Afterschool & Summer Project (LIA) is an effort by afterschool advocates and leaders to unify the field of afterschool and focus the movement on promoting young people’s learning. This means offering opportunities not found at home or in school and applying our most recent knowledge on learning to our afterschool practices. One of the resources they have recently provided is a video describing the five learning principles that are key to promoting young people's learning.

This video features interviews with leaders from education, OST, and youth work captured by youth videographers from across the country. It is a mashup of over 20 interviews which they will share separately in the coming months. In this video, the leaders discuss the Learning in Afterschool & Summer learning principles that are helping to shape the design and implementation of youth programs throughout California and the country. This video is an excellent training tool and can be viewed by clicking below. It is a production by Temescal Associates and Change Agent Productions. LIA also welcomes any feedback in terms of the usefulness of the video and invite you to share it with others.

To watch the video, click here.

Source: Learning in Afterschool & Summer

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