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Recognizing and Practicing Core Values

Imagine a group of afterschool children who kindly welcome a new peer, include everyone when playing basketball and comfort someone when they've had a bad day.

Two by Two Character Development can help you bring this vision to life in your educational setting.

We know that educators want hands-on curriculum that will teach social and emotional skills and have fun at the same time! Two by Two's year-long program, Kindhearted Kids Make a Difference, offers children a chance to recognize and practice core values, such as fairness, kindness, respect, responsibility, empathy, cooperation, perseverance, and citizenship.

All Kindhearted Kids programs are designed to capture a child's attention, imagination and heart by including animals in the curriculum. When a child's head and heart are engaged in learning, life-long knowledge takes root!

With many of our children forced to grow up so fast, Two by Two's research-based programs offer a playful and engaging way for children to learn positive behavior traits that will help them succeed in school, work and life.

For more information about Two by Two's Character Education Programs click here.

Written by Kristin Woodward-Vaassen, CEO and Founder of Two by Two Character Development.

Photo courtesy of Two by Two.

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