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4 Tips to Improve Efficiency and Focus on Quality

There’s no room to be mediocre in afterschoolhigh quality programs are a must! Follow these four core tips to improve administrative efficiency so you have more time to focus on program quality.

To start, figure out what needs to be organized. Staff scheduling, student check-in and activity planning are common struggles afterschool programs can face. It's important to have real-time access to a child's attendance and activities. Adapting this new technology can help administrators track the exact time of how long each child spent at the program.

Take away the task of filling out important and detailed information about a child and assign that to the parent, by automating your enrollment process online. You'll never need to worry about not having essential information—such as a nonlisted food allergy—ever again.

Effective communication between parents, staff and administration is vital. Open lines of communication allow you to know what's going on with your staff and, in turn, allows staff to keep parents in the loop with messages and photos of what their child is up to!

Efficient billing is a large part of any afterschool program. Instead of wasting time chasing parents for payments and billing information, automate your billing by using online tools and setting up recurring payments. Setting up payments online ahead of time for parents will save you time and money.

The software offers solutions to automate and improve afterschool efficiency. Implementing this new software is made even easier with's free onboarding services. Visit to learn more about simplifying your afterschool tasks today.

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