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Professional Development

NAA publishes fresh, new content every week covering a wide variety of topics related to the field of aftershool. In addition, NAA offers a variety of opportunities for virtual professional development (PD) through meaningful content, conversations and connections. Click here to see full descriptions of virtual PD offerings.

The Results for NAA19 Top Presenters are Here!

Educational content and opportunities to learn and share continue to be the No. 1 reason afterschool professionals and leaders participate in NAA's Annual Convention.

Of course, the content is important. But it's the facilitation techniques and relationship-building that help create connections and learning transfer for participants. That's why we recognize the NAA Convention's top presenters every year.

To qualify this year, top presenters had to receive a minimum of 15 evaluations and a score 4.5 or higher out of 5.

All NAA Convention programming—Workshops, Spark Sessions, Leadership Intensive Sessions, Exhibitor Workshops—fit within four learning strands, aligned to NAA's Core Knowledge & Competencies (CKCs) for Afterschool and Youth Development Professionals.

Please join us in congratulating these top presenters for their contributions to NAA19 and the development of afterschool professionals and leaders across the nation. These are our top 25 sessions, based on participant evaluations.

Creating and Enhancing Experiences, Environments, and Engagement for Young People (CKCs 1 – 6)

Art to Promote Youth Voice
Rachel Kessler, OregonASK | Workshop

Communication: An Essential Skill in Serving Others
Gale Gorke, Kids Kan Inc. | Workshop

Culturally Agile Trauma-Informed Care
Marcy Peake, The Center for Cultural Agility & WMU | Workshop

Encouraging Literacy in Our Hawaiian Melting Pot
Von Galdeira, Tia Loa, Jacque Shin, and Edward Silva, Kama'aina Kids | Workshop

Family STEAM Nights: Fun for the Whole Family!
Lorianne Willis, Museum of Science and Industry | Workshop

Finding the Center: Youth Voice and SEL
Janelle Greco, Youth Communication | Workshop

Growing Grit: Guts, Resilience, Insistence, and Tenacity
Chelsea Ashcraft and Mike Ashcraft, Children's Choice | Workshop

It's All Fun and Games for Indoors
Kelly Jimenez and Jeanine Mouret, Pasco County School Board PLACE | Workshop

Program-a-Rama! Innovative Events and Activities
Amanda Borbee and Jenn Ward, Kids in the Game | Workshop

STEM and Social Justice
Emmanuel Donaby and Kayla Swanson, Science Museum of Minnesota's Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center | Workshop

Step Dance: New Language to Math and Technology!
Jessica Saul, Art of Stepping | Workshop

Understanding Triggers and De-Escalating Conflict
Brett Gurwitz, Ramapo for Children | Workshop

You Gotta Laugh – Seriously!
Clint Darr, Missouri Afterschool Network | Workshop

Partnerships with Purpose: Family, School, and Community Relationships (CKC 7)

Let's Talk! 15 Ways to Improve Communication with Schools
Lisa Demoulias, Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership | Leadership Intensive

The Nuts and Bolts of Program and Professional Development (CKCs 89)

Amy Parrott, University of Arizona | Spark

Burnout Happens: What It Is and How to Avoid It
Brad Lademann, Missouri Afterschool Network | Workshop

Emotional Intelligence as a Key to Leadership
Erika Petrelli and Greg Shamie, The Leadership Program | Leadership Intensive

It's Time to Address Equity in Leadership
Jimena Quiroga Hopkins, Development Without Limits West; Ruth Obel Jorgensen, California School-Age Consortium | Leadership Intensive

Developing Leaders and Advocating for Afterschool and the Profession (CKC 10)

9 Steps to Creating a Culture of Caring
Chelsea Ashcraft and Mike Ashcraft, Children's Choice | Workshop

Be Proactive. Be Open. Build a Healthy Team.
Jaime Garcia, Extend-A-Care for Kids | Workshop

Finding Your ART in Leadership 2.0: Level Up!
Jessica Vann, Creative Spaces | Workshop

Igniting Leaders with Communities of Practice
Nicole Edwards, Prime Time Palm Beach County | Workshop

Proactive Management: Preventing Program Fires
Melissa Beech, After-School All-Stars New York; Justin Hensley, After-School All-Stars North Texas | Leadership Intensive

Self-Care through Mindfulness and Awareness
Kirk Lowis, Portage Community Center | Workshop

The Power of a Positive Feedback Culture
Jeffrey Miller, After-School All-Stars | Leadership Intensive

Courtesy of NAA.