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3 Reasons It Might be Time to Take Your Program Paperwork Online

As an operator of a successful afterschool program or organization, you know how crucial efficiency in your processes can be in relation to your success.

The idea of managing all your to-dos in one place may not be a new idea, yet implementing a system or software to help with it may feel like a stretch.

So, how do you know if an end-to-end software system is worth the investment? Since 2004, Jackrabbit Technologies has been specifically designed for the schools and programs just like yours, meaning we've heard challenges and frustrations from other operators and site directors just like you.

Here are a handful of struggles we've heard from our clients, which helped them decide it was time for a solution.

1. Frustration with outdated processes.

If you're one of the organizations lucky enough to have enrollments coming in all year long, but are struggling to keep up with registrations, billing and scheduling, you may notice your team growing frustrated or important information falling through the cracks. A user-friendly management system will help you quickly sort contacts, payment information, and scheduling of students and staff in a more timely, efficient way.

2. You just had that registration form a minute ago ... Where did it go?

Binders, file folders, clipboards, spreadsheets—OH MY! These might have worked just fine when you were starting out, but those tools are likely holding your team back from connecting with parents in a tailored and specific way. This is where Jackrabbit steps in to give your staff—at the program, regional or corporate level—a central source of online data that can help you move families from easy web registration through enrollment, quickly and on-demand.

3. You're trying to measure results with not-so-great data.

If your site directors manually enter information onto spreadsheets or hand you the "binder of death" each week, your whole team is spending less time doing what they should be doing: connecting with families, school administrators and other staff. Since Jackrabbit keeps all your information in one place, you can quickly recall information on your current schedules, availability, tuition or billing, and more. Set up your Jackrabbit Favorite Reports so you and your site directors can start making data-driven decisions that will improve the way you run the program.

Is it time?

If any of those sounded like you, it might be time to take the next step with an online management system. Implementing an end-to-end tool will help you find out where your program is growing and where it could use a little more attention, allowing you to grow your organization and build lasting relationships in your community.

Courtesy of Emily Smith of Jackrabbit Technologies.