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Join Facebook’s Engineer for the Week Program!

Engineer for the Week (EFTW) is a Facebook Education program that aims to demystify the world of tech by empowering students to build a working tech prototype while developing computer science skills.

EFTW's Spring Sprint starts this February! The program seeks to reach youth underrepresented in Computer Science and Engineering and increase access in environments where educational experiences with technology are limited.

Facilitators will guide participants (ages 13+) through a project "sprint" to design and build a chatbot or a game that makes a positive impact on a social topic of their choice. Participating sites will receive the comprehensive resources to run the project sprint including:

  • Getting Started Webinar
  • Online Facilitator and Participant Guides
  • Weekly Project Support
  • Engagement with Facebook Engineers

Check out Engineer for the Week to learn more and sign up for the Spring Sprint!

Courtesy of Facebook.