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Check out the latest news about NAA and special announcements pertinent to the field of afterschool.

Andy Allan: NAA’s New STEM Superstar

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 00:00

He's a STEM educator, creator and trainer!

Andy Allan's educational philosophy is to engage young people's natural curiosity and creative thinking through fun active-learning STEM experiences.

Efficacy Study of CypherWorx Shows Outstanding Learning Gains

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 00:00

CypherWorx, Inc., takes high-quality course content and combines it with its high-quality custom course design, to produce exceptional eLearning opportunities.

Dollar General Afterschool Literacy Award

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 09:22

The ability to read, write, and think critically are vital skills—important at every stage of a person's life to succeed academically, professionally, and beyond.

NAA Leader Graduates Presidential Leadership Program

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 05:38

NAA President and CEO Gina Warner was one of 60 graduates of the inaugural class of the Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) program last Thursday, at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas.

NAA Awards STEM Credentials

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 05:25

The National AfterSchool Association (NAA) recently awarded STEM microcredentials and digital badges to 44 afterschool and youth development professionals in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Your NAA Board of Directors

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 10:09

The NAA board of directors welcomes new faces into leadership roles:

  • Shelley Lambert, Chair
  • Gretchen Yeager, Vice Chair and Treasurer
  • Jaime Garcia, Secretary

NAA Represented at Presidential Leadership Event

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:20

NAA President Gina Warner was amongst sixty military, business, and civic leaders from across the United States who recently met at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, during the inaugural event of the Presidential Leadership Scholars, to study decisions made by the nation's forty-third president while in office.

STEM Uncovered: Telling Our Afterschool Stories

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00

2015 STEM Video Competition

Every day a light goes on in a young person's head as he or she grasps new concepts in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology—all because an afterschool or summer learning program has created a hands-on experience where interests are sparked and passions are fueled. Now is the time to tell that story.

Congrats to The Walking Classroom

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00

Congrats to The Walking Classroom Institute on its press coverage on CBS News' What's Right With Our Schools series.

NAA Leader to Join Presidential Leadership Scholars

Monday, 23 February 2015 15:31

Gina Warner, President and CEO of The National AfterSchool Association (NAA), has been selected to be a member of the inaugural class of Presidential Leadership Scholars, a unique leadership development initiative that draws upon the resources of the U.S. presidential centers of Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George W. Bush. These presidential centers have partnered to bring together a select group of leaders who have the desire and capacity to take their leadership strengths to a higher level in order to help their communities and our country.

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