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Prevent the Dire Consequences of Eliminating Federal Afterschool Funding

Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

Since the election in November we've been hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

The recent news about President Trump's "skinny budget", proposing the elimination of 21st Century Learning Center funding is heartbreaking and has dire consequences.

The good news is that the President's budget is only a proposal. The final word rests with Congress and good work has been done over the years to build up the Afterschool Caucus and garner support across party lines.

Research shows that high quality afterschool and summer programs have a positive impact on attendance, behavior, and coursework at school. It also shows the afterschool programs can reduce juvenile crime rates during the hours of 3-6 PM. Afterschool and summer programs provide support for working families and build skills in children and youth that contribute to the shared prosperity of our country.

Cutting out 21st CCLC funding not only affects young people, their families, and our future, but also would take away an estimated 100,000 jobs from the afterschool professionals who run these programs in local communities.

We believe that the current administration - who has promised to reduce crime, add jobs, and build a strong future - may not have realized that the elimination of federal funding for afterschool programs may prevent these promises from being fulfilled.

Please join us, the Afterschool Alliance, our State Affiliates, and other organizations and individuals in the on-going advocacy for afterschool. Let's continue to educate key decision makers about the value of afterschool and appropriate funding for programs, to ensure that the President's proposed budget does not become a reality.